What makes travel special? Most people would say it’s the experiences.

Our best travel experiences take us straight back to that trip, that holiday, that time in our lives. Sights, smells, the feel of the sunshine on your skin. The people, the food. It’s a wonderful feeling and one that leaves us with a smile on our face and most of us wanting more. But how about selecting your next holiday? Could VR be used to help train travel professionals or perhaps even the general public?

VR & Travel

Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for a few years now, but has only recently started to deliver on its true promise of “taking you there”. There are an estimated 17 Million VR headsets already in use around the world and the market is set to be worth over $40 Billion by 2022┬ábut what’s really interesting is that engagement is much higher. For a 360 degree photo the click through rate has been measured to be up to 300% higher and for video the figures show an increase in video completion rate (the user playing the video to the end) of 46%.

At the Creative Grid, with the leaps in camera and VR headset technology, we are now offering 360 degree filming that brings experiences to life. From Scuba diving on a beautiful coral reef to flying over your favourite city we can now take you there in a way that photographs or an influencer youtube video can’t. But that’s not all, what if you could turn the experience into a game?

Watch this episode of “Behind the Scenes” to discover why we think VR could be the future of travel.