Video production – process and expectations

So what is actually involved in producing a video – do you know the process and what are your expectations? You may be thinking about investing in a unique video for the year ahead or updating your website with a second, everyone wants to create a powerful visual story that matters for their clients, question is, how to go about it and where to start?

A lot of people aren’t really sure of the process so I wanted to give an overview to help you better understand what you’re buying into. A well-produced, professional video need not blow your budget. Often all you need is a few creative ideas, a skilled team and some smart post production to get the most cost-effective and winning content, something that will stand out and potentially earn you 1 million + (organic) views on Youtube, and that kind of marketing is priceless. We’ve created videos for less than £2500, which have garnered huge attention and added real value to our customers business. If it’s your first video it should set the scene, introduce your company and set the style for the future.

Once you’ve decided you need video and have hired a production company, here’s what’s involved:

Pre Production. This is a pivotal stage in the process as it’s where we get to listen to you, the client, understand your needs and what you’d like to achieve. The main considerations here are generally audience, budget and time frame. The creative producer will then work with you to better understand your objectives, perhaps refine certain aspects and offer suggestions to producing your video. Which type of video is best; animation, explainer, promo or case study? Should motion graphics be used? If it’s a corporate video there are other considerations, these videos are often about people, staff, and your business so we may discuss interviews, look at brand logos, guidelines, scripts and voiceovers. We can work together and come to an agreement, at which point we can start creating a preliminary storyboard for your production.

Production. From the pre production process a production schedule will be drawn, dependent on what type of video you have chosen. We would look at availability of locations, talent and equipment for shoot days. Crew size can vary dependent on shoot and budget, but will often be a director/producer, cameraman and sound engineer. As well as our team we encourage having the presence of clients on set as we value your input. If we are dealing with an animation for some or all of the video, the production phase will prepare for this, from finalising a storyboard, creating an animation, perfecting the voiceover and composing a backing track for it.

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Filming. It is important to be realistic whilst on set, especially with set up times and B-Roll. It would be great if we could just zip around and in two minutes be ready to go but to get a quality video you need to understand how it works. Video is not a fast process. Our camera guys need time to set up, get the lighting right, check the audio and position the camera so you get the best picture results.(All this can be detrimental to end result if it’s not right), You should allow at least 30 minutes for basic set up, a good director should invite you over to look at the resulting framing of the subject. A rough guide with editing is that for every minute you shoot, you’ll need two in editing. The more footage you have the more there is to look through, so it’s quite important to stick to a plan or your shot list to save time in post.

Post Production. Different videos will require varying editing times depending how much footage you have and the type of video you are making. Firstly the footage needs to be sorted and organised for clarity, at which point the editing process can begin. There are many elements, which can be incorporated into the video such as: still photography to Powerpoint slides, to the final track music. Sometimes animation and graphics can be the most complex in formulating but need the least editing. Most of these extras can be added at any time so once you have viewed the rough cut you may decide you want to add some motion graphics to make it look better or it needs a company logo, different music, perhaps an animation or chart needs to be added for further emphasise of something…whatever your needs we are more than happy to accommodate these additions/changes, even if six months down the track. Is it important however to realise how many days of editing you have booked and try keep within this to not incur extra charges. We will always advise when you are coming up to the end so you are not sprung with an unfinished product and no budget left. Nobody needs that.

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Timing. We can normally meet your requirements without too much prior notice due to our expanding global network and specialist staff. This allows us to be flexible and have a fast turnaround without outsourcing others in. As mentioned previously, editing is dependent on shoot days and footage but we can normally turn around a video in 10 days depending on the amount of amendments given and notice period.

End result. Our final objective is always to provide you with a unique, high quality video that we can be proud of and you will want to share with your audience. You tell us the format, we listen to your needs and meet your requirements. Now for the hard part, your task is to seed the video. We’ve created something great but you need to make sure people see it. Read here our earlier blog post on seeding your video.

If you need help with your next video project why not try us? Tell us a little about your project and we’ll come back with some options

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