The Drone Effect


“Drones” have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, as we all know, but there are still so many misconceptions surrounding them. These flying apparatuses, also known by various names such as; UAV (unmanned aerial vehichle), quadcopter, dragonflyer, to name a few, have overnight become a global sensation. In the simplest sense, a ‘’Drone’’ used to be defined as an autonomous aircraft, now the term is thrown around as more of a slang word to describe any type of remote controlled aircraft without a pilot on board.

Although it’s uses and perceptions of it have changed throughout this time, once synonymous with ‘warfare’ and military usage, civilian drones are now thought of by many as filming devices from above, as well as over the years been used for everyday operations such as delivery, aid, surveillance, search & rescue and more. This being said, there is still a lot of confusion regarding these small contraptions and people still get filled with fear or uncertainty when they hear or see one in the sky. I still hear many people saying things like, ‘what is that up in the air?’, ‘Is that one of those ‘‘drone’’ things?’, ‘Aren’t those illegal?’ and so on. I overheard many of these comments at Wilderness Festival some weeks ago when during Björk’s main stage show, a drone hovered above us capturing the fireworks display!

For many people around the world, mainly filmmakers and film enthusiasts alike, the drone is known for creating some of the most cinematic and stunning footage in the universe, offering those who are interested a visual experience from above like no other, such as this drone’s eye view of Burning Man 2014. Unfortunately for others, due to so many restrictions, privacy issues and legalities surrounding it’s usage, the drone is simply an illegal mechanism for creating disturbance.

Burning Man 2014 by Drone from CopterOptics on Vimeo.

These ‘toys’, which have been known to make a grown man turn into a giddy school boy, are fast becoming the most popular gadget of 2015, and it will only be a matter of time before every 5 year old has one under the tree for Christmas, just like the Ipad took over a few years back.

The Drone, Quadflyer, UAV, whatever you want to call it, has come a long way since it’s war days, civilian drone usage has grown two fold due to increasingly sophisticated and cheaper devices being made, and as technology grows and the future advances at a rate which we can’t quite keep up with, so do these flying machines become a part of everyday life.

With all the negativity surrounding drones we wanted to celebrate them and showcase some of the great footage which has been created, both from The Creative Grid and others in the film industry. In fact, last year, Randy Scott Slavin, founded and created the first ever Drone Film Festival in NYC , which is dedicated to celebrating the art of drone cinematography from around the globe.

Check out our top tips for some of our great drone shots!


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