video marketing

Case Study: Who Buys Your Stuff?

We caught up with Gregor Matthews, the founder of Who Buys Your Stuff? to find out why video is so important to brands online and why.

Video production – process and expectations

So what is actually involved in producing a video – do you know the process and what are your expectations? You may be thinking about investing.

6 tips to make your event video better

Event marketing is booming and for video production companies like The Creative Grid events are a big part of our day-to-day work, but there are.

Ways to incorporate video into your marketing campaign

Reposted from Salesforce Canada. Here are some great ways to incorporate video into your next marketing campaign and don’t forget if you need some help,.

Explainer Videos

What does it do: An explainer video is simply a short, online marketing video, which explains to an audience your company’s products, services, or any.

Who needs video and Why?

Generally when I say I work for a Video Production Company people often ask, ‘what kind of video do you do?’ and the answer is.

Top Tips: What to wear on camera

This is it! You’re going to be interviewed for a great new video about your work. Appearing on camera can be a daunting experience for.

Quick Start guide to Video Marketing

Video is the future of online marketing and the fact that you’re reading this probably means you’re wondering “where do I start?“. Well you’re not.