Case Study: Who Buys Your Stuff?

We caught up with Gregor Matthews, the founder of Who Buys Your Stuff? to find out why video is so important to brands online and why.

Video production – process and expectations

So what is actually involved in producing a video – do you know the process and what are your expectations? You may be thinking about investing.

How best to spend your marketing budget with video

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re spending your marketing budget effectively. Clearly everyone wants to maximise impact and keep costs down in order to.

The Drone Effect

  “Drones” have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, as we all know, but there are still so many misconceptions surrounding them..

Orford from the air in 4K

We’ve been using a variety of drones in our shoots recently. Our favourite is the Phantom 3 Professional, which can shoot in 4K at 24fps..

Top Tips: Festival Filming Survival Guide

Going to a festival for pure enjoyment can be daunting enough to prepare for, all the kit you have to take for 3 days is extensive,.

How to create the perfect video case study

Many of our clients have told us they wanted to create video for a while before they called us but they didn’t know where to.

10 ways to look good on video

We’ve made hundreds of videos and interviewed thousands of people. We often get asked “how do I make sure I look good on video?” . We.

How to seed your video

You’ve created some great video content. Congratulations! But now the hard work begins. You need to seed your video to make sure people see it,.