Sean Barney

Sean Barney is a highly experienced producer of independent feature films and documentaries in Los Angeles, USA. He’s worked with many of the world’s top brands, producing commercials and online content including Skanska, Coca-Cola and Pet Smart.

Sean has won several industry awards, has worked at the LA Film Festival and has been a page co-ordinator for the Academy Awards (Oscars) since 2006. He has also worked with┬áleading actors like Keanu Reaves. He is currently helping to produce the independent short film “The Bridge Project”.

Sean Barney – Skills

Sean’s skills including all aspects of production including planning, treatments, budgeting, scheduling, union knowledge, accounting, event production and client management. He has also worked in agency after winning an award at Cannes Lions for a film he made for Coca-Cola. He holds a degree in Fine Arts & Film Production from Chapman University.