Ralph Cochrane

Ralph Cochrane is the Founder of The Creative Grid and our executive producer in London, United Kingdom.

He started The Creative Grid after leaving MOFILM, a video crowdsourcing company, which he founded in 2007. Ralph has worked with over 200 hundred brands around the world from the United Nations to Coca-Cola and Unilever. A Chartered Engineer (Electronics & Software) he also runs the popular AppChallenge.Net community for LoudSource specialising in app competitions and is a big advocate of open data.

Ralph also works as a media trainer and presenter and has covered many of the biggest film festivals and red-carpet events in the entertainment industry calendar including Cannes, Tribeca, Rome, London and Shanghai film festivals. He’s also worked closely with some of the film industry greats like Spike Lee, Robert Redford and Kevin Spacey. His first foray into film was with Sundance and an experiment to take, now famous, directors and make content for mobile devices.

Ralph Cochrane – Skills

Ralph is a professional presenter and interviewer. He also has an eye for new talent, helping to start many filmmaker careers during his time working for brands. Most recently he set up a co-creation programme with Sony Pictures to develop new TV formats. Having raised over $10M in venture capital and run several start-ups Ralph is also a safe pair of hands when it comes to interviewing senior executives, key clients at events or putting your team through media training.