Planday Explainer Video

Planday are a Danish company from Copenhagen who are tackling the issue of managing staff in the hospitality and restaurant industry. Their clever software allows staff, not just managers, to swap shifts, pick up extra work and comply with mandatory communications about health and safety or from senior management. It’s not often that we interview people and they say “This saves me several DAYS or work in a month”.

What was the Brief?

Planday asked us to help create a short video for online use which will help drive sales. We helped refine their script and created an Explainer video remotely, using an animator within our network. The result was animated in Australia and produced in London for a client in Copenhagen. That’s the power of cloud production. It also meant we were able to work around the clock.

Where did we start?

Always the script! This gave us the rough timing of the video and also allowed the team to start to think about how they might show certain features on screen.


The voiceover that you here is actually an American Planday employee, which I think is a really nice touch. He recorded it professionally in a local studio.

Call to Action

The idea is to get people to sign up for a free trial. Planday have seen that once people convert from bits of paper or an Excel spreadsheet to using their software, they realise what they’ve been missing and sign up for a longer subscription.

Project Stats:

  • Delivered in two weeks via our cloud production network
  • Animator was remote. Based in Australia
  • Our cloud based video review system made it easy for Planday to comment on exactly what they wanted changing and faster for us to make those changes
  • Date: 03/31/2016
  • Categories: Animation, Corporate
  • Client: Planday
  • URL:
  • Producer: Ralph Cochrane