National Careers Council

A great project to work on, we went out on the streets of London to find out what people thought about the word “Career”. It’s always interesting talking to members of the public, because you never know what you’re going to get! On this shoot we interviewed a former gang member who now employs young people from his old East London estate, opera singers, shop owners, a financial regulator and a chef amongst others. We also hear from some of the leading CEOs and consultants in this space.

The aim of the video was to show what ordinary people think of careers and the advice given. It was presented at a special ministerial conference in September 2014 to the new minister for business and skills. The video was sponsored by Barclays Life Skills and produced for Dr Deirdre Hughes, the chair of the National Careers Council.



  • Date: 09/15/2014
  • Categories: Corporate, Interviews
  • Client: National Careers Council & Barclays
  • URL:
  • Producer: Ralph Cochrane
  • Camera Operator: Renato Guerra