Card Ninja – Pepsi Max

The viral hit of 2014, Pepsi Max’s unbelievable campaign Card Ninja has had over 800,000 on Youtube and features some extreme card throwing skills. We worked for Little Dot Studios who created the campaign and manage Youtube channels for brands. We created Vine (short form video content) and photography for the campaign, which featured on giant electronic advertising boards around the UK as well as online.

Card Ninja – Pepsi Unbelievable

  • There have been over 80 pieces of PR coverage with an estimated reach of over 700 million
  • The videos have received over 20 million views in just 2 months; a total of nearly ½ million minutes worth of viewing.
  • Over 90% of these views were earned
  • It was the fastest growing brand channel in the UK by video views in the month of launch
  • We became the 3rd biggest UK brand channel (up from 100th pre-campaign) on YouTube by subscribers, growing 1000% to 44k subscribers
  • Our content has been hugely engaging with 7.8% engagement score (over 5 times the category’s average rate of 1.5%)

* taken from the Cannes Lions entry by Pepsi Max, 2014

  • Date: 02/10/2014
  • Categories: Advertising, Social
  • Client: Pepsi Max | AMV BBDO | Little Dot Studios
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