Jameson Irish Whiskey, owned by Pernod Ricard, asked us to help the create some on-trade (bar trade) videos that would encourage people to use Jameson in cocktails. Jameson is an institution and a regular drink that you’ll find on most bars, however it’s not the most popular whiskey and we wanted to change that.

We worked with five leading bartenders who are at the top of their game in London and connected them in groups to four leading filmmakers from The Creative Grid UK. It was a huge success, with one of the films being featured at BAFTA.

What’s interesting about this co-creation project is that the films are all so different with cocktail ingredients invading London in one film all the way to a Film Noir speakeasy homage to America in another. Each bartender had a big following on social media as did the filmmakers. Add to that a great brand and iconic London locations and you have a sure fire hit for any brand. A great case study to look at if you’re thinking of making authentic content.

Film Noir from The Creative Grid on Vimeo.