How best to spend your marketing budget with video

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re spending your marketing budget effectively. Clearly everyone wants to maximise impact and keep costs down in order to get ‘bang for your buck’ but you must make sure you are spending wisely and adding real weight to your marketing campaign. We live in a world where our customers constantly want more–they demand the latest technologies, the best service and innovative products which simplify their lives – and the less money you have to spend, the harder that decision becomes at times.

10 years ago we were satisfied with a photo and some words… a PowerPoint was enthralling! Today however, this is not enough. People want to be left with that lasting impression..they want the wow factor!

So how do you give this to them?

Firstly, you look at the changing environment, keep up to date and push the envelope. Look at what’s hot right now and get creative to get ahead of the curve. Ask how you can give the customer what they want and get the results you need.

It’s no secret that VIDEO has basically ‘broken the internet’ of late and become a must in achieving your marketing goals. Quality content is the only tool that keeps this audience engaged today and gives you customer rate optimisation. YouTube alone has over a billion users and the number of hours people spend watching videos has increased by 60% y/y. In a recent infographic by Salesforce, it was stated that an estimated 74% of all online traffic in 2017 will be video. That’s a lot of customers you’re missing if you don’t have a one.

Videos keep the viewer engaged. Fact! Videos also humanise your business or brand, especially when you put yourself in front of the camera. Your customer wants to see you, they want to feel connected and no amount of words of pictures will offer the same impression.

Right, so we know by now that video works…the stats show this and everyone is talking about it but the question still remains, how exactly can it work for your business or brand and what type of video is best?

There are many, this is true, and it’s also the reason why it’s so effective, there is so much you can do with video. Again it’s about getting creative and doing something different. Here at the Creative Grid we are constantly trying to come up with new ideas and find new technologies to give our videos that extra edge, so we can give the customers what they desire, whatever the budget.

This is where a video production company comes in handy. They can not only advise on the best method of video for your business, they can also maximise your social outreach by doubling the numbers through their personal social channels.

If you’re unsure where to start read one of our earlier blog posts on the topic: A quick starter guide to video marketing and get going on creating your first, or even second online video.


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