Event promo and live streaming for Honey

A few weeks back we were given the opportunity to work with the fantastic team at Honey Creative, to create an event promo and live stream their event. Honey are a Brand Experience Consultancy Group who specialise in transforming your business through a series of creative and digital approaches to generate commercial growth.

Their most recent project is a new string of events called Rip it up, start again, which focus on recently started companies who are really shaking things up and have a unique business model or a real sense of disruption in their industries. It’s an opportunity for these progressive start-ups to share their experiences at these informal series of breakfast talks.

This first of many to come took place at Shoreditch House, a great setting for this type of event. It debuted with three very fascinating guest speakers; Giles from What3words, a new global address system identifying a 3x3m square anywhere on the planet. Ernest from Who buys your stuff?, they are transforming customer research by making data more accessible and fun, whilst helping businesses to make stronger commercial decisions, and finally, Paddy from Real Stew, a co-operative platform for conversation that liberates the disenfranchised and empowers communities.

The Creative Grid’s promotional video for this brilliant event…..

We recently introduced live streaming into our multitude of services, so it was a great occasion to showcase a new venture of ours also.

This new foray for us both was a HUGE SUCCESS and we really look forward to more of these exciting events with Honey Creative in the near future. Check out the videos and live stream on the Honey Creative Channel here!

If you’d like live stream your next event and create a unique promotional video to go with it, please get in touch, we’d love to help!

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