Case Study: Who Buys Your Stuff?

We caught up with Gregor Matthews, the founder of Who Buys Your Stuff? to find out why video is so important to brands online and why he likes working with The Creative Grid (that’s us in case you were wondering).

Gregor and Earnest are the two founders of Who Buys Your Stuff? Their business is based in Falmouth, Cornwall and the two friends are keen surfers having worked at cold-water surf uber brand Finisterre before setting out on their own. We first met Gregor when we filmed an event for Ometria in London and went on to create this case study at the Finisterre shop in Covent Garden. Gregor’s new business helps brands understand the humans behind all the data. It’s very easy in a world of technology to lose sight of who is …. erm yeah…. buying your stuff. I see where they got the company name from now.

We’ve also filmed Gregor at the Stranger Happenings event which was a really cool networking event with an eclectic mix of strategists, creatives and people who’ve built successful businesses. You can watch our promo for the event here.

If you’d like to find out more about Who Buys Your Stuff? watch Gregor’s presentation from Ometria or Stranger Happenings or visit their website.


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