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How best to spend your marketing budget with video

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re spending your marketing budget effectively. Clearly everyone wants to maximise impact and keep costs down in order to.

6 tips to make your event video better

Event marketing is booming and for video production companies like The Creative Grid events are a big part of our day-to-day work, but there are.

Ways to incorporate video into your marketing campaign

Reposted from Salesforce Canada. Here are some great ways to incorporate video into your next marketing campaign and don’t forget if you need some help,.

Explainer Videos

What does it do: An explainer video is simply a short, online marketing video, which explains to an audience your company’s products, services, or any.

The Drone Effect

  “Drones” have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, as we all know, but there are still so many misconceptions surrounding them..

Top drone tips

Let’s face it, drones are cool! Filming from the air creates stunning b-roll that gives your videos context and that extra something. We’ve been filming.

Orford from the air in 4K

We’ve been using a variety of drones in our shoots recently. Our favourite is the Phantom 3 Professional, which can shoot in 4K at 24fps..

Top Tips: Festival Filming Survival Guide

Going to a festival for pure enjoyment can be daunting enough to prepare for, all the kit you have to take for 3 days is extensive,.

Who needs video and Why?

Generally when I say I work for a Video Production Company people often ask, ‘what kind of video do you do?’ and the answer is.

Eroica Britannia Vintage Cycle Race

Do you have a bike from before 1987 and love all things vintage? Well it turns out you’re in good company. Eroica Britannia is in.