Behind the scenes. Filming at MASH Hamburg

There’s something about great design, good food and amazing cocktails. Whether it’s for a special occasion or a crucial business meeting we’re all demanding better service, nicer food and some magic flair from the bartender. MASH are a Danish company with flagship restaurants in Copenhagen, Aarhus, London and now Hamburg. We went along to film at their MASH Hamburg restaurant in Germany for Planday.

We’ve been creating video content for our client Planday, who are revolutionising the automation of staff management within the hospitality industry. Most of us have worked behind a bar or served food at some point in our lives. For me it was as a student. I loved it. The banter, learning how to serve a drink and earning an honest day’s evening’s wage. If I look back though, one thing that was always a problem was staff. “Oh Tom’s not in tonight” or “I don’t know where Claire is, she should be here”. Equally when I was a student I could have worked a lot more hours and paid of some of my debts off, or more likely bought a few more beers. If only there was a simple app that allowed me to trade shifts, admittedly with people who could actually do my job (I was pretty good at serving obscure northern English drinks) and receive the latest messages from management. Perhaps it could also allow me ask for my holiday leave without it becoming a long protracted process involving multiple “erm, boss….. can I have a word?” type conversations that were always slightly daunting for a skinny 18 year old. Well that’s where Planday comes in. Their software makes swapping shifts, picking up new work and messaging between team members a breeze. It’s so simple, you wonder why someone hadn’t thought about it before.

We’ve been creating client case studies for Planday at restaurants and bars that use their software including this one for Sophie’s Steakhouse, with possibly the best ending to a client testimonial video EVER! This shoot was different, we went along in winter and filmed at night. The architecture and design are stunning at MASH Hamburg and the staff were fantastic to work with, particularly the bartender. We have a whole cocktail sequence we’ll have to put out when we get more time (famous last words in an edit studio).

Our main camera was a Sony A7S coupled with a Shogun external recorder. This allows you to take 4K straight from the sensor, which coupled with the A7S’ industry leading low light capabilities were a perfect match for the mood-lighting inside the restaurant. The A7S also has the advantage that it’s small and light. The steadicam shots that you see in the final video were shot on a DJI Osmo, mainly because it’s much easier to pack down and travel light when we’re shooting in Europe for the day. The A7S works well with a Ronin gimbal and stabiliser as well. The only issue that we faced was that the OSMO is not good in low light. Some of the shots were fine for Instagram (which is more forgiving due a lower resolution – 720p HD). The other advantage of shooting in 4K is that you can render out at 1080p HD and the picture should be better than if we recorded at HD in the first place. That’s the theory, actually I’m a bit dubious about that. Also the file sizes are enormous so if you’re trying to turn around a quick edit e.g. for news, I wouldn’t recommend it. Still, I digress….. for this job it was a perfect solution. We also used a Canon C100, which is a great all rounder.

Special thanks also go to Kerstin from Planday as well who acted as our interviewer as this video is filmed in German. What’s interesting with Youtube is that you can add subtitles (captions) in any language you like and this is a great way of improving SEO as well if you’re using the video on your website. The captions are not baked into the original video, but added later. A great tip if you’re dealing with marketing in different countries.

Let us know what you think of the MASH Hamburg video!

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